Terms & Conditions for the Hire of Limousines

PSV Operating Licence – Company Policy

Our Limousines are licensed by the Traffic Commissioner PUBLIC SERVICE VEHICLE OPERATORS LICENCE No. PK1037383

  • Our limousines are operated by a restricted Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence.
  • As such, Under Section 265 of the Transport Act 2000 as implemented from the 1 July 2001, our company charges separate fares and complies with the 15 mile minimum route from first pick-up point to first drop-off point.

Further information on the 15-mile minimum route

  • The licence does not permit use if the distance between any pick-up and drop-off point is less than 15 miles (measured in a straight line).
  • Where a booking is requested, and the distance is less than 15 miles, a “Via Point” has to be agreed which is greater than 15 miles from either of those locations and must be agreed at the time of the booking.

Further information on separate fares

  • All booking forms have a section which calculates separate fares (total booking value divided by no. of passengers).
  • The payment of separate fares is to be initiated by L.A. Stretch Limos – we will identify that the customers want to make the same journey and suggest to them that they might want to travel together and split the cost.
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