Famous TV & Movie Cars: Where Are They Now?

Famous TV & Movie Cars: Where Are They Now?

Just as iconic TV shows and films are remembered for their primary actors, they can also be instantly memorable for some of the vehicles on show. Indeed, some would say that there were films where the cars were the real stars. Fans of the James Bond movies, for example, will identify fondly with the Aston Martin DB5 of Thunderball and Goldfinger, along with many more of 007’s wheels. Meanwhile, the Reliant Regal will always have a place in the hearts of Only Fools and Horses fans for being the wheels of choice for the ever-optimistic Del Boy Trotter.

Our infographic looks at 10 of the most famous on-screen vehicles of all time and tells of what happened to each of them after their TV or film heyday.

Find out what happened to some of the most famous TV and movie cars in our infographic below.

famous tv & movie cars


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