A Music Lovers Guide To London

A Music Lovers Guide To London

The streets of London have frequently acted as a backdrop, from Bob Dylan’s B&W Subterranean blues video clip to the Beatles’ famous crossing of Abbey Road. It is associated with some of the most iconic figures in music history. London, being the birthplace of significant musical movements and genres, is the only European city with such a concentrated musical heritage that it is hard to separate it from the city’s history.

Many legendary musicians began their careers in small, smoke-filled subterranean bars and went on to perform in massive stadiums. For decades, London has welcomed and given birth to a wide range of musical styles. As a true cultural melting pot, it has become the ideal venue for innovative partnerships, resulting in a distinct sound. The sound of London.

Its multiple venues have featured some of the biggest stars in modern music history. From the now-defunct Marquee, Brixton Academy, and Roundhouse to the neighbourhoods of Soho, Camden Town, and Shoreditch, London is THE location to view rock and roll’s past and present up close. A wide variety of large and small clubs cater to various music kinds and tastes, making this city a key player in concert and music festival events.

For more information on specific venues around London check out our infographic below which takes a further look into many of the historic music venues around London.

A Music Lovers Guide To London


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