The biggest cars in the world

The biggest cars in the world

The world has seen some big things. However, some things are extremely memorable when they come in huge sizes. Big cars, for example, elicit an excitement that lacks in many other things. Many cars compete for the tag of the biggest car in the world. The Bugatti Type 41, also known as the “Royale” was meant for European royalty. Since most royal personalities like grand things, this car was a fitting tribute because of its size. The car is also considered the most expensive car today due to its rarity. It measures about 6.5 meters long. Its weight is almost 3 tons or 200 kg.

biggest cars in the world

The Ford F-350 Super Duty is a very large pick up that was built in 2009. Fleetwood, the 1975 Cadillac model can be compared to the Bugatti “Royale.” This luxury car is about 6.5 meters long.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is another extremely large car. At 7.4 meters, it is the largest car compared to other commercial cars.

The monster truck Bigfoot car is overwhelming when you set your eyes. It is indeed a monster, as its name suggests. It could be world’s largest and heaviest giant trucks. Bigfoot 5 has an asking price of £28,000. It stands at 15 feet 6 inches tall. The first model of this car began production soon after World War II. It was meant for use in agriculture. It was designed for self-propulsion and was used to provide power take-off to lumber saws or harvesting machines.

biggest cars in the world

The Unimog can easily claim to be among the largest cars ever made. It is a multi-purpose 4-wheel drive auto medium truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.

President Obama’s presidential limo ranks among the largest cars. It is fondly known as “The Beast.” Its sheer size justifies its name and the fact that it is a rolling fortress makes it befitting for a president. This special Cadillac is not large for nothing. Its huge size enables it to be able to accommodate sophisticated navigational equipment and enough armor to rival a tank.

Biggest cars in the world

It has eight-inch-thick doors. The doors are reinforced with titanium, steel, aluminum, and concrete. It has high-tech gadgetry and offensive gear to fit a small battalion. Its weight due to the heavy armor makes it to be a serious gas guzzler. It can seat seven people.

Its thick body armor shuts out many things including a large amount of air, sound and biological weapons. Therefore, the car has its own oxygen supply. In addition, it has a firefighting system, night-vision camera, run flat tires, steel wheels and tear gas canons. It also carries the president’s blood supply in case of an emergency.

It has state-of-the-art communication equipment that enables it to liaise with the other cars in the presidential motorcade for local trips. Communications are coordinated through a command and control center situated at the White House Communications Agency that uses encrypted information.

biggest cars in the world

Much speculation surrounds other features of The Beast, some of which explain the large size of the car. Its price is also speculated to be in the range of $300,000.

This is not the only limo to have drawn great attention to size. Hummer limos are especially famous for amazing features that belong in wonderland. One large limo is believed to have a swimming pool with a diving board and a real king-size bed. Many limos that you might have seen are large enough to seat a large group of people.

Many entertainment celebrities cannot resist riding in these luxurious limos whenever they attend concert with their entourage. You too would be astonished at the sheer size and luxury of such limos. Hire a limo locally to get that luxurious feeling!


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